Fun in the fresh air

A beautiful place to play and explore

Our newly landscaped garden gives children the space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

"Higher, Higher!"

Children develop muscles and teamwork in the natural environment of our garden

"What happens next?"
story time

Our staff team enjoy reading outdoors with their children.

"Let's Play!"
top garden

Our children love to play on the slides and climbing frames in our garden.

"Here I come!"
baby garden

Our separate and secluded baby garden gives our little ones a safe and secure outdoor environment to play in!

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a racing driver!"
brum brum

Nightingale's staff encourage children to follow their dreams.

"Look what we have grown!"
growing vegetables

Planting, watering, growing and harvesting in our vegetable garden teaches the children about nature and where food comes from.

Active play
hula time

Our large grassed garden allows the space for various activities

"I can jump in the circle, look!"

Our interactive playground markings facilitate creativity and early writing skills.

"How high can you jump?"
trampoline time

Our trampoline is very popular for burning off all that energy.

"Splish, splash, splosh!"
water play

Water play enables children  to understand volume, quantity, density and weight.

'Teatime alfresco'
tea time

We love to eat outside on the long warm sunny summer days.