Achievement and success for our pre-schoolers

Working together
Building blocks

Bricks and traditional toys promote early mathematics, science and problem-solving through play.

Budding Beauticians
Role Play

Our fantastic role play areas facilitate knowledge and understanding whilst having fun. 

"What shall we make?"
Sieving flour

Our children are encouraged and supported in cookery activities

"Shall I be Captain?"
Row row row your boat

Our preschoolers enjoy playing with each other in imaginative play.

"Four, five, six, seven..."
counting teddies

Enjoyable Mathematics activities improve the children's numeracy skills

"So, I just click here and it works"

It is vital in today's society that our children feel confident using ICT equipment.

"Let's learn together"
carpet time

Routine, adult led group sessions help the pre-school children develop great communication skills.