Our Rooms

Our baby room
Fun with bricks in the baby room


Our precious babies: "Cubs Room"

Cubs room provides the comfort, security and offers the high level of attention that your baby would enjoy in their own home. Staff communicate with Parent/Carers daily to keep up to date with your child’s needs and ensure the best possible care by providing each parent/carer with a daily progress report.

The toddler room
Space for toddlers to explore

Toddlers: "Cheeky Monkeys Room"

Cheeky monkeys will provide children with a secure framework in which they can be happy and feel safe, yet be free to explore, develop and learn in the way that is best for each individual child. There are areas of the room for relaxation and quiet recreational activities as well as space to develop physical skills. Our team at Nightingales are always there to help support the parents/carers with any situation such as toilet training.

Our spacious preschool room

The Big Guys: "Roaring Tigers Room"

Our preschool room is a hive of activity, with children learning about the world around them, practising their numeracy skills, developing an understanding of letters and sounds and enjoying music, stories and discussion during carpet time. More importantly, the children gain the confidence to take care of themselves and their friends, learning how to share and cooperate, helping prepare and serve lunch, and dress themselves, so that when they leave for big school, they have all the skills they need.


"Music Room"

We have recently changed one of our rooms into a music room.  In here you will find a range of musical instruments for the children to shake, hit, strum and bang as they make music like only children know how!  The instruments are not totally confined to this room and the children can bring them from here back to the other rooms if they wish.  Who knows maybe we will be encouraging a future Mozart, Gershwin, Lloyd Webber, Steinman, Lennon or Mccartney!


Lots of fun in the soft play room

Our specially designed soft play room offers a bright inviting space for the children to burn off energy whilst developing crucial physical and spatial skills.

A peaceful, relaxing room to nap

"The Sleep Room"

The sleep room is a calm and relaxing area watched over by the staff in the baby room.  Each child has a named cot with freshly laundered linen. Staff seek to ensure that nap time is a positive and pleasant experience.