About Us

Our nursery


Why Nightingales?

When you leave your little ones with us, you will feel relaxed and at ease; knowing they are in the best possible hands.


Well Established

We were established in the 1990's and have been an integral part of the community since then. The relaxed atmosphere in our spacious rooms and our loving environment encourage your child to develop independence, learn and become confident in themselves. Our soft play room offers each child the chance to move around the building without feeling confined. The newly refurbished decor is bright, airy and contemporary and we have our own parking / drop off area.


Our Location

We are located close to the university, the hospitals and a major bus route.



Our inclusive ethos recognises and values each child as an equal - regardless of their race, culture, religion, ability or social background.  

Our Food

All our food is freshly cooked daily in the nursery and we take great care to ensure that each meal we offer your child is adapted to meet any medical/ dietary requirements and is also in line with your religious needs.


Our Fees

We offer true value for money - You only pay for 48 weeks a year - and there is even a 15% discount for siblings. 


A social gathering



The nursery has three large care rooms in addition to a sleep room, a soft play room and three large outdoor areas as well as a fully fitted kitchen and staff areas.

We are a multi-cultural setting and positively welcome all families and children regardless of gender, culture and/or faith. We are particularly skilled and practised at supporting children with special educational needs and those for whom English is an additional language.


Parents as partners

We believe in partnership with parents/carers and have an open-door policy enabling you to discuss issues with us at any time.We provide meals, snacks, nappies, formula milk and all other essentials the children may need whilst at the nursery.

All our members of staff are qualified and experienced. By providing a safe, supportive, stimulating and fun environment to explore and discover the world, we help children to grow and express themselves to their full potential.




We at Nightingales know how important it is that your little one feels safe and happy when at nursery. We therefore implement a keyperson system, which means that one of our staff has the pleasure of getting to know you, your family and most importantly your child very well. This builds a special and mutual bond of trust and affection, allowing your little one to thrive during their nursery experience.

We are experienced in supporting children with English as second language and have many dual language and culturally diverse resources within the nursery.


Fun at the park



Nightingales provides a safe and secure environment at all times. No person is authorised to collect a child unless previously arranged. No unauthorised person is allowed entry to the nursery. Confidentiality is taken very seriously.


Friends for life